During my 16th year, I became a photography enthusiast. I started out with a plastic, instant, film camera where films were in 12, 24, 36 if I remember correctly. The problem back then was if you click on a subject, that’s it. You cannot edit the photo or even see the photo right away. I still need to have them develop to find out they were any good.

After few years, my father then gave me a SLR film camera Pentax with cool lens that can zoom in and out but still it a “what you click on is what you get”.

My first purchase of a DSLR was in the year 2010. It was the Nikon D3100. It’s an entry-level camera that shoot superb photos.  I attended photography events and took a lot of photos.

I enjoyed trying out kinds of photography themes like sports, landscape, glamour, portrait and I even covered some events with it.

But mostly I enjoyed taking photos of everything I find interesting (not minding the actuation count).

The experience and the things I’ve learned that camera made it hard to let it go and sell it.

The next DSLR camera I owned and to this day, still my number one camera is the semi-professional Nikon D7000. With this camera, I started to learn a lot more of photography setups and covered more events. I also discovered post-processing and using raw instead of .jpeg.

Training I attended:

  1. Picturesque Manila – Photography.
  2. Limitless 8 – Photo Manipulation Techniques.
  3. YT University – All other tips and tricks.

Mentors I had:

  1. Mr. Rommel Tumamao
  2. Gian Quidasol
  3. Richard Evangelista Gatmaitan

Work History:

  1. Red Harry Birthday
  2. Christine Cristobal Debut
  3. Faderoga Graduation Rites
  4. Faderoga Class Photo
  5. Alden Chris Christening
  6. Gerich 7th Birthday
  7. PNB 2016 Christmas Party
  8. PNB 2015 Christmas Party
  9. Ella Pre-Debut Shoot
  10. Unitas Games 2016 (Sportsfest)
  11. SMA Class’88 Reunion 2016
  12. CCF Youth
  13. Studio shoots
  14. Photo Editing Works
  15. Graphic Designing Works
  16. Tambuli Awards
  17. Event Organizer
  18. Others


  1. Acquired another camera for video coverage.
  2. Acquired Studio Lights for studio works.
  3. Trained two apprentice for photo and video capture.

Worked with Photographer(s):

  1. Many to mention.

Worked with Videographers(s):

  1. Pogs Fernandez