Eye of God

This artwork was inspired by serenity. When I see this photo I think about where it all started. It all started with an IDEA. God’s idea of creating man in his image.

I remember a child’s story on how MAN got their different skin tones.

First God took a clay and form it into his image and started cooking it directly into the fire of life. He expose the clay for a few minutes then pull it out and created man. He thought the skin tone is light. Being an artist and all, he then got another clay, shaped it to his image and expose it longer to the fire of life. When he pulled it out the skin became dark as the night skies. Not being satisfied with his art, he decided to create one more. He got up get another lump of clay and shaped it in his image then expose it to the fire of life in just the right time. Not too early and not too late. When he pulled it out he thought this is just right and then he became happy.

The first men are the white skins, I guess they are the Europeans, Americans, and others. The next are the black-skinned people of Africa or any other country that has black skin tones. The last are the Asians where they have brown skin tones.

Hope you liked the story. =D

Note: Night photography. Phone capture. Taken in above Ortigas. Edited with Photoshop.




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